Welcome to Sark

It is true, there is no car in Sark. But you can discover the island by bicycle or on a horse-drawn carriage. Visit the island following paths lined with stoned walls and wild flowers. Beautiful scenery, enchanting nature with cliffs and coves, Sark’s exceptional coastline is a true invitation to discover a genuine preserved environment.

Sark was the last feudal government in Europe up until 2008 which was governed by a “Seigneur” who independently ruled the island and administered his tenants’ welfare.

Do not miss the Seigneurie Gardens, home of the Seigneur and his family and its splendid Millenuim Rose Garden. With a good selection of hotels, restaurants and campsites, there is everything to make your stay “out of this world”!

Bank holidays

01st January
10th & 13th April
04th, 09th & 25th May
31st August
25th & 26th December

Not to be missed in 2021

  • Sark summer festival – from 10th to 12th July

  • Sheep race from 26th to 27th of July

  • Sark Summer Festival from 10th to 12th of July

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