The general conditions of the sale of tickets are governed by the French law of the 18th of  une 1966, its decrees of application and by the European sea transport code 1177/2010. Buying a ticket is equal to adhering to the present conditions of sale. The transport of freight is excluded from these general conditions and is governed by other specific conditions. SAS COMPAGNIE MARITIME ANGLO NORMANDE trading as MANCHE ILES EXPRESS and named as such hereunder.


Sailings are determined by MANCHE ILES EXPRESS and registered in its reservation system. Scheduled departure times can be brought forward or delayed by the 15 minutes without prior notice to passengers. In the event of a considerable modification to the sailings, on the route or the port of call, MANCHE ILES EXPRESS undertakes to inform passengers as soon as it is aware of such changes. At the time of making your reservation either directly at the counter, by telephone or online, you must provide MANCHE ILES EXPRESS with a valid contact telephone number so that you can be contacted in case of any schedule  hanges.


Passengers must check-in for boarding a minimum of 1 hour prior to departure. We inform our passengers that the check-in must be done no later than 20 minutes before the departure time of the ship. After this time, access to the boarding gate may be denied by the port control services. Passengers who are refused boarding because of late arrival for check-in will remain liable for the cost of the fare. Each passenger must have a ticket before boarding. Ticket must be retained by the passenger for the duration of the crossing and for arrival & departure procedures. Seats are not allocated or numbered.


MANCHE ILES EXPRESS cannot be held responsible in the event of a passenger disregarding customs immigration and police formalities. The Channel Islands do not belong to the European Union. Adults and children must possess a valid passport to enter France. Certain nationalities may also require visas, please inquire at the relevant immigration offices in the Channel Islands or in France for up to date visa requirements. All embarking passengers and baggage are liable to be searched for security and safety reasons. Any inflammable explosive or hazardous substance, firearms or other weapon of any kind must be declared at check-in. Passengers infringing these safety & security regulations will be financially liable for any fines that may be due and will not be liable to any ferry ticket refund. MANCHE ILES EXPRESS reserves the right to refuse boarding or landing of any passenger who does not present the necessary documents for boarding or landing at the point of departure or arrival. MANCHE ILES EXPRESS reserves the right to refuse embarkation to any passenger considered unfit to travel. International security regulations oblige carriers to identify all passengers and collect certain information from passengers at the time or reservation. MANCHE ILES EXPRESS cannot carry any persons who refuse to provide  this information. MANCHE ILES EXPRESS cannot be held liable for the delays related to the accomplishment of the formalities. Travelling unaccompanied minors need to adhere to specific regulations. Please refer to section 11.


Passengers must ensure that they have adequate personal insurance including delay and cancellation cover.


MANCHE ILES EXPRESS reserves the right to modify the tariffs at any time according to fluctuation of exchange rates or changes to the economic situation. MANCHE ILES EXPRESS reserves the right to levy surcharges (fuel, insurance or other). Harbour dues and taxes are included in the ticket fare. Payment of tickets must be in the currency of the country of the port where the ticket is purchased. Fares vary, according to availability at the time of booking, destinations & travel dates. For group bookings please contact our port offices.


Any changes to reservations must be made in writing. All changes made within 2 weeks of departure will incur a modification charge of £5 per passenger per leg, £10 per return leg. Additionally any difference between the original fare and the cost of the sailing at the time of the change will apply. Tickets cannot be modified on the day of departure. Adding extra passengers to existing bookings does not incur modification charges except for the cost of the extra passenger fare/s.


All reservations are subject to availability. Reservations may be made in person or by  elephone, email or on-line and can only be confirmed upon full payment of the total sum of the ticket. Any reservation not fully paid by the date indicated by our agencies, may be cancelled. Confirmation/Tickets will only be issued upon full payment. MANCHE ILES  EXPRESS accepts payment in cash, by cheque, card & by exchange vouchers from gencies and operators with whom a prior agreement between these bodies and MANCHE ILES EXPRESS exists. Payment by credit cards may incur an extra charge. (Internet reservations are available on our website). Seats are not numbered or allocated.


15 days prior to departure or more: 25% of the tariff ;
3 to 14 days prior to departure: 35% of the tariff ;
72 hours prior to departure: 50% of the tariff ;
48 hours prior to departure: 100% of the tariff.


Tickets are valid for the season of the current year and can be modified. However, any modifications made will be subject to our modification charges and any difference in fare being payable if the fare of the new sailing is higher than the original. All modifications must be made before the end of the current year and after the 31st December of the year of purchase, all tickets become void. All tickets are personal and are non-transferable. Any reclamation for unused tickets or refunds must also be made by the end of the current year. Gift vouchers are valid for one year from the date of purchase. Tickets issued “free of charge” are valid up until 31st December of the current year.


If a scheduled crossing has been cancelled or delayed, MANCHE ILES EXPRESS accepts no responsibility for direct or indirect costs prejudice brought about by these modifications. Any modification or cancellation will be notified as quickly as possible. If you have not provided a valid contact telephone number, Manche Iles Express will not be held responsible for any cost incurred through you not being notified of schedule changes. MANCHE ILES EXPRESS advises passengers unsure about their travel insurance conditions to book their accommodation and any extra services through an agency and/or favour flexible fares to non-changeable ones. MANCHES ILES EXPRESS will do their best to find an alternative solution within the bounds of possibility. This type of sub-situation will not lead to any right to compensation, refund or indemnity. In the same way, MANCHE ILES EXPRESS cannot be liable for the noncoinciding of the departures and arrivals of the ships with any other means of transport.

10.1: Ferry departure delay of more than 90 minutes: MANCHE ILES EXPRESS will offer a light snack and drinks provided these are available.

10.2: Ferry arrival delay of more than 60 minutes: MANCHE ILES EXPRESS will compensate clients 25% on the amount paid for the ferry leg.

10.3: Outbound ferry departure cancellation: MANCHE ILES EXPRESS will endeavour to find alternative means of transport on another MANCHE ILES EXPRESS vessel. If no solution can be found or deemed satisfactory by the client, a full refund will be issued based on the return ticket fare purchased by the client.
No compensation of any kind can be claimed by passengers (extra travel costs, accommodation etc)

10.4: Inbound ferry return cancellation: MANCHE ILES EXPRESS will endeavour to find alternative means of transport on another MANCHE ILES EXPRESS vessel. If no solution can be found, MANCHE ILES EXPRESS will repatriate clients on another available carrier. In the event that overnight accommodation is necessary, MANCHE ILES EXPRESS will compensate up to a maximum 80€ per person per night up to a maximum of three nights. Transfers between the ferry terminal and your accommodation will also be paid for by MANCHE ILES EXPRESS. You must obtain & keep receipts of your expenses. These receipts must be provided to MANCHE ILES EXPRESS attached to your compensation claim. Catering charges will not be paid for.

10.5: In case of weather cancellation, MANCHE ILES EXPRESS will propose a repatriation alternative which is not negotiable. Should it be refused by the passenger, MANCHE ILES EXPRESS cannot be held responsible for any extra cost incurred. Passengers cannot claim anymore than compensations mentioned in sections 10.1 to 10.5 above. According to European Code 1177/2010, paragraphs 10.1 & 10.2 are not applicable for delays/cancellations due to weather conditions putting sea travel at risk and to other events for which MANCHE ILES EXPRESS cannot be held responsible such as vessel re-routing, port congestion, industrial action or in any or all other cases of force majeure.


Mothers can make a sea voyage up to and not exceeding 28 weeks of their pregnancy, on the condition they present a valid medical certificate authorising them as fit to travel. Children under 16 years of age are considered as minors. Children under 12 must be accompanied by an adult. Children aged from 12 to 15 years of age may travel unaccompanied on the condition that both parents and the legal guardians complete a specific form stating the details of the person who will be entrusted to come and collect the  child and fill in an attestation (authorising minors to travel alone). These documents can be obtained from MANCHE ILES EXPRESS. Moreover, non-accompanied minors must produce the documents mentioned above. Passengers requiring extra assistance need to mention it at the time of booking and also at check-in. In some ports, steps may be steep and slippery.


Each person is allowed a baggage allowance of 20 kilos. The company takes no responsibility for passenger’s luggage. Passengers must carry their own luggage on and off the vessels. For security reasons each item of luggage must be clearly marked with the owners name, address and destination with MANCHE ILES EXPRESS specific luggage labels provided. MANCHE ILES EXPRESS cannot  be held liable for luggage which is unclaimed by the owner on arrival. MANCHE ILES EXPRESS will not be liable for any cost of repatriation of luggage. The owner of the luggage will be liable for all such costs. The same conditions apply for wheeled-on bicycles. A supplement of 15€ for luggage excess is applicable. Manche Iles reserves the right to refuse boarding of unmarked luggage/bicycles. Any passenger who has dangerous or unauthorised objects or goods which are not in accordance with regulations in his/her luggage is liable for any damage which these objects might cause. Animals are not allowed on board with the exception of registered guide dogs which must be declared at the time of reservation and on condition that all administrative formalities for the carriage of such animals have been completed in advance by the passenger.


MANCHE ILES EXPRESS’ liability can only be subject within the field of maritime transportation. Potential compensation is limited within these laws & regulations.


Any complaint or claim to MANCHE ILES EXPRESS must be addressed by filling in the Company the Claim form within 30 days following the delayed/cancelled sailing and sent by recorded delivery to: Compagnie Maritime Anglo Normande, Manche Iles Express, Rue des Isles, 50400 Granville, France. After these 30 days, claims will no longer be taken into account. Within 60 days after your claim and without a satisfactory answer from MANCHE ILES EXPRESS, the travel ombudsman can be contacted on