Welcome to Alderney

Alderney was named the wild island due to its landscapes, green glens & large open white sandy beaches. St Anne is the main village on the island with quaint narrow streets lined with traditional cottages, old private mansions and local pubs. St Anne’s church is certainly one of the most beautiful ones in the Channel Islands.

Nature lovers and keen ramblers love this island and its numerous hidden treasures. For instance Alderney boasts the only Channel Island railway line with former London tube carriages. What an original, comfortable and slightly eccentric British way to discover this charming island.

The train runs every sunday from May to September, and on saturdays in July and August. Don’t hesitate to check the availability of the train but also other activities/events with the touris office of Alderney: info@visitalderney.com +44 (0) 1481822300.

Bank holidays

14th and 17th April

01st, 09th and 29th May

28th August

25th and 26th December

Not to be missed in 2018

  • Festival d’Aurigny from 30th July to 6th August